The lessons

Guitar lessons


Learn to play the easy way

Learning music should be enjoyable and rewarding. I believe that 1 hour or focussed practice is better than spending hours on theory or videos. Too much information can be confusing. If you want to be able to play a keyboard or guitar, with minimum fuss, little theory and lots of fun, then we are the right place for you.

Learn to play the guitar using tabs and/or notation for popular Indian film music in many Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc. Classes for kids 7 and above. Adults welcome too. If you love to sing, we can teach you how to accompany yourself with a guitar. Graded courses certified by RGT - London College of music are also taught. Book your lessons here.

Easy to play the guitar-Bollywood songs

Keyboard lessons


Learn to play the keyboard using standard notation or Indian music notes - S,R,G,M. We use technology; free subscription to JoyTunes, to make your learning process easy and enjoyable. Our teaching method is based on experience of what works best for new and intermediate students. Our lessons are private - one to one, so there is no pressure. Notes for many popular Indian film songs are available. Classes open to kids, 7 and above. Adults welcome. Book your lessons here.


Learning music should be enjoyable and not a drudgery. The motivation to play should come from within. You shouldn’t be forced to pick up the guitar or sit down in front of the keyboard and play the instrument. Please keep it that way and then you find yourself getting better at it, everyday.